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Portable Coffee Index Colorimeter For Pigment And Cream Type Material

Price:1 210 $  Wholesale price:  1 210 $
Min. amount:1 230x230x240mm
TypeCS-220Illumination system8/d(8°/diffused illumination)SCETesting Port DiameterAbout 8mmDisplayChromaticity Value:L*a*b*,L*c*h,ΔE*ab,relative RGB value,WI and YIMeasuring conditionsCIE 10° standard observer; CIE D65 light sourceMeasuring rangeL*:1-100RepeatabilityStandard deviation within delta E*ab*,below 0.08(testing condition: measure the white calibration board 80 times for average)Storage100 sets of standard samples; up to 100 under each standard sampleMeasuring timeAbout 0.5 secondsMeasuring light sourceLEDlanguagesChinese, EnglishPowerFour AA1.5V Alkaline battery or nickel-metal hydride batterys; Exclusive DC5V adapterportUSB2.0 printerweight550gSize77×86×210mm

Portable Coffee Index Colorimeter For Pigment And Cream Type Material


CS-220 Color Difference Meter is specially designed for chemical powder yellowness or whiteness measurement.It is with sealed aperture to make sure material will not enter into instrument.Its standard accessories contains one holder for powder and cream type material. It could test the color difference for meat,coffee, tomato sauce,pigment and other materials. It measures the sample color space L*a*b*, L*c*h*, color difference ΔE and ΔLab according to CIE color space.

Competitive Advantage:

1). Device sensor exports Japan and information processing chip is from USA, which guarantee the optical signal transfer accuracy and electrical signal stability.

2). Free Color Management Software

3). Can Test Degree of Whiteness and Yellow Degree

4). Multiple color space display color values : L*a*b,L*c*h,Yxy.

5). Test different points on sample and get the average value. It is widely used for color control whose color is not uniform.

6). Establish the Prototype Data L*a*b* by manually

7). Sealed aperture with holder to make it more suitable for color measurement of powder and cream type materials.


Free Colorimeter QC Software:

Our device is with mature PC management software. It could connect the colorimeter with the PC. With the software, we could save and manage the color data, derive the data, generate testing report, test report printing. It will help the color analysis worker finish the job much easier. (Software english version is also available.)

Packing List:

Packing Material:Canvas bag with carton box

Packing Size:230x230x240mm

Packing Weight:2.4kgs

Delivery time:3-20 days after payment received.

Qty.NameQty.Name1Main Instrument1Power Line1Operating Manual1USB Cable1Driving Software1Black/White Calibration Tiles1Color QC Software1Packing List

Company Information:

Our CHNSpec Technology., Ltd are specialized on manufacturing spectrophotometers, colorimeters and gloss meters. Our products have gotten 10 Invention Patents including 1 American Invention Patent, 8 Utility Model Patents, 4 Appearance Patents and 3 Software Copyrights till now. I believe our quality products will be your better choice. You are warmly welcome to visit and purchase from us.

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