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One-stop full-service for roto gravure cylinder making factory! Do Cylinder Making Easier. YUBO Rotogravure Cylinder Making Machinery Ltd is one of the main global manufacturer and suppliers and exporters for rotogravure cylinder making machines and relative consumables. Emily whatsapp/WeChat : 0086-18735999672

Detailed description

Our main products as follows:
Rotogravure cylinder making line:
1. Electro-plating equipment for rotogravure printing cylinder
(Including Washing, Nickel/Copper/Chrome Plating, Degreasing, De-chrome)
2. Rotogravure cylinder grinding machine
3. Copper polishing machine
4. Chrome polishing machine
5. Three-head Copper Grinding Polishing Machine
6. Proofing machine
7. Engraving machine

Steel base making:
1.Edge Bending Machine :
2.Rolling Machine:
3.Submerge Arc Welding Machine
4.Flange Lathe Machine:
5.Flange Welding Machine:
6.CNC Lathe Machine:
7.Cylindrical grinding machine
8.Balancing Machine
9.Slot/Key-way machine
10.Dual-head Borning Machine;
11.Lathe Grinding Machine;
12.Flange Cutting Machine;
13.CNC Lathe Machine;

Our main consumables as follows:
1. Engraving tools ( burr cutter, sliding shoe, rough cutter, fine cutter, PCD cutter etc.)
2. 3M or Mipox Sand belt for copper polishing and chrome polishing
3. Lead anode / Platinum-plated anode for chrome plating machine (Need your drawing )
4. Titanium Basket (Need your drawing )
5. Additive for copper tank( hardness& brightness)
6 . Rubber sealed ring for plating machine
7. Hardness tester/thickness tester/roughness tester
8. Copper cylinder repairing machine for pinhole
9. Callsamt dot checker
10. Filter for plating
11. Carbon Brush
12. Copper jointing
13. Teflon
14. Adaptor

Official company site: http://yubo-rotogravurecylindermakingmachinery.

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Personnel count: 50 - 200 people

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