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Kerala Ayurveda Limited is a Pioneer in providing Holistic Healing and Wellness Solutions – in line with its Guiding Principle – the 5000-year-old Holistic Science of Ayurveda.

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USAMonastery Lane, Karimattathu, Aluva Munnar Road, Aluva, Kerala, India-683101

Brahmi Pearls

Price:3.72 $  Wholesale price:  3.72 $
Min. amount:40 (Capsules) 40 Nos
Kerala Ayurveda Brahmi Pearls are rich with memory enhancers and natural cognitive enhancer herbs such as Brahmi, Mandukaparni Shankhpushpi. These herbs have popularly been used for centuries as supplements to improve memory and cognitive abilities. Our Brahmi Pearls are small capsules that you can carry with yourself and take on-the-go