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Pyrolysis boilers air heating capacity of 50 kW from the manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 25.02.2021
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Address:Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'

Solid pyrolysis boilers air heating intended for heating of individual houses, houses, industrial premises and buildings, service stations, car washes, gymnasiums, warehouses, greenhouses, livestock farms, poultry houses. Used in the process of grain drying, medicinal plants, mushrooms, berries and wood.

Pprinciple work tvigotovlennyax pyrolysisx boilerss - air heating built on the combustion of wood gas, emitted in the decay process of wood. Process gOrenI comes from the top down, the main heat exchanger is at the bottom part of the boiler, which to obtain the maximum heat transfer and maximum heating the heatcarrier. Tvigotovlennya pireline long burning boilers in several times more efficient than conventional!

These boilers working on the firewoodx, a wasteAh wood, fuelx brickcluck, Saule, husk,e, cornx poczatekAh , etc. (except coal!)

Boilers 50 kW heat area up to 2000 cubic meters!

Garantinth time serviceI of the boiler is 12 monthEV, electrical and electronic components - 12 months.

Dimensions: Width 1150мм, height 1850mm, length 1550mm.

The terms of delivery: 14-20 days.

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