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Packaging for quail eggs. Tray for berries booties

Offer type: salePublished: 03.06.2021
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Address:Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
Packaging for quail eggs quail eggs
Tray, square with 20pcs 600 pieces is from 200pcs
Tray round 20pcs crate 360 PCs

The packaging on the Chicken egg kuryachii egg
Tray for 10 eggs crate 300.
Tray of 15 eggs with 200 PCs.

Booties trays for berries
Baby's booty 0.5 kg box 1500 -1000 PCs pack of 100pcs
Baby's booty 1kg box - 750 pieces 1000 packaging 100pcs

Delivery across Ukraine