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The wine Prosecco in Kiev

Offer type: salePublished: 04.12.2019
Company:Internet-magazin "InVino"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Worldwide, there are an impressive variety of wines and other similar beverages. Typically, each person selects a certain option in accordance with your preferences. Thanks to the huge selection of beverages, the people can decide on the most suitable types of wine, and enjoy its positive taste and pleasant aroma. One of the famous using active demand wine is Italian Prosecco. It is the most popular among Russians, who visit Italy.

Champagne Prosecco is often compared to the French counterparts, however, this drink is made from completely different grapes. The features of a certain production technology. Prosecco is old enough to drink, whose history lasts since Roman times. Already in the sixth century, people have grown a special variety of grapes, subsequently making him this drink. The term "Prosecco" was used in 1754. However, the real history began roughly in the 19th century, since 1985. It was at this time was invented the original method of secondary fermentation. Today this drink as Prosecco is in high demand among an impressive number of tourists from different countries, coming to rest in Italy.

In the 20th century, sparkling wine was gaining popularity. The drink is effervescent, moderately sparkling, with a pleasant aroma, light refreshing acidity. The root cause of the emergence of modern sparkling version of Prosecco began fluctuating weather conditions. The same way he began the manufacture of standard champagne. In some situations, the cold came too early, interrupting the fermentation of wine. Subsequently, after the arrival of the spring thaws, the fermentation continued. Thus appeared the bubbles that are now the subject of admiration of a huge number of admirers of Prosecco.

Consider the kind of sparkling drink is produced only in specific regions. Strict production boundary was defined in 1930. In the implementation of the technological process is most commonly used grape variety Glera. Today you can order this wine through the Internet. For example, to make a purchase with delivery to Ukraine through a popular website Invino offers the original products.