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Lamps in bulk from the manufacturer in Moscow

Offer type: salePublished: 11.12.2018
Company:Internet-magazin "Svetlon"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Lighting is an important stylistic tool decor of the room. Using light to highlight areas of the room, smoothing out imperfections and highlighting the advantages. The main source of light and the decor is the chandelier. It attracts attention and harmoniously connects all the objects in the room. For this reason, to select the lamps you need with special responsibility.

The market today offers a large choice of lighting, so select very difficult. Before purchase it is recommended to study the modern trends online or seek the assistance of experienced consultants Svetlon. They know all the nuances of selection of chandeliers better than professional designers, so can offer useful advice. First you need to decide the style and to specify the characteristics of the room.

Online shop "Svetlon" offers wholesale deliveries of construction firms, design and architectural companies as well as retail sales to individual buyers. Our catalog includes lamps, transformers, spotlights, emergency lights, sensors and components. All products have a detailed description that any user will know a General idea about the product.

Why the need to cooperate with Svetlon?

Our company offers:

  • Wholesale lighting fixtures from the manufacturer for residential, offices, Park and street areas.
  • Own production of modern and popular devices, eliminating intermediaries.
  • Fast delivery of order.
  • High quality products, which meet the safety requirements.
  • Individual approach to the wishes of the client.

More and more people tend to regularize their housing, especially the lighting. As a result, the demand for such products is constantly growing. The buyer choose our company, we are making the effort and working to improve the operation of the service. In addition to lighting equipment, we sell parts. This decorative and energy-saving lamps, panels, transformers at wholesale price. Here your purchases will be most beneficial.