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Front loader MTZ, UMZ capacity up to 1600 kg quick couplers manufactured by

Offer type: salePublished: 07.12.2018
Price:55 900 UAH
Seller:Denezhnyij Igor' Dmitrievich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Orikhiv

Front loader is designed for loading of various cargoes (grain, straw, fertilizer, sand, gravel, etc.) into vehicles, mixing machines, as well as for mechanization of storage operations.

Available modifications of the loader:

front loader KUN-4.2 (standard option);
front loader KUN-4.2 MT (standard with hydraulic tubes);
front loader KUN-4.2 B (quick-release hydraulic hoses).
Also as an accessory for the loader you can purchase the joystick-manipulator and coupling shaft rigid frame of the tractor.

Features front loader from our company:

boom and loader tower welded frame, which provides solid construction with a comparatively small weight;
comes with a bucket with reinforced frame stiffness, which is able to move large loads;
the loader bucket is equipped with a knife with a thickness of 14 mm;
possible modifications of loader bucket: 0.8 m3 (bucket width-1.6 meters) 1 m3 (bucket width 1.8 m), 1.2 m3 (bucket width 2 m);
the presence of gauge systems (stabilizers), which makes the bucket;
loading height is 4.2 m;
loading capacity – 1200 kg;
easy to install and maintain.
Package loader includes a complete set of hydraulic hoses and hardware for installation.

On request, the loader can be additionally equipped with replaceable working bodies:

jaw bucket;
bucket with gripper;
hay forks;
crane rigging (the hook for big-bags);
(pallet fork pallet);
gripper for logs (in the forest);
gripper rolls;
the capture of bale.
Quality guarantee is 1 year.

Any convenient for You form of payment.

The sending unit is carried out by our own transport, delivery services (Mail, Delivery, In-Time, Night Express), as well as the transport companies in any point of Ukraine.