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Sell spare parts for СБШ250МНА32.

Offer type: salePublished: 15.02.2020
Company:"OOO Komservis" Gorno-shahtnoe i drobil'noe oborudo
Seller:Mel'nik Igor' Vasil'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Sell spare parts for СБШ250МНА32.
1. Offer of availability and to order spare parts for СБШ250МНА32!
Everything is just new, with warranty!
Affordable prices! The shortest deadlines!
For castings ( wheels,trucks) certificate Rudgormash!
To hydraulics ( jacks,cylinders) certificate of the manufacturer!
the head of the drill string Assembly, with no DV. No. price 1.700.000 RUB.
- support unit price 587.000 RUB
- support unit price 702.000 RUB
gear rotation price 328.000 RUB
- coupling of Shino-toothed price 104.000 RUB
- coupling of Shino-toothed (n/m 210) price 138.000 RUB
the mechanism of screwing price 506.000 RUB
- link price 10.350 RUB
And much more in stock and to order.
2.A new move in fee ( Rudgormash) 196-03.00.0000 with El.DV. MTCN 412-8
Guarantee! 8.500.000 RUB
3. We offer drill machine СБШ250МНА32 24 performance. 1998, V.
Complete overhaul, a complete revision! A lot of new nodes.
Electrics, hydraulics after factory audit!
Compressor 6ВВ-32/7
The price of Belgorod 22.500.000 RUB.
6 months warranty.
Ready to make commissioning!
All prices with VAT in Russia
"Komservis, OOO"
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