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Sunlu 3D pen SL-300 third-generation

Offer type: продамPublished: 28.02.2018
Price:1 500 UAH
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Vasylkiv, Ukraine
3D pen Intelligent Pen — a new kind of 3D pens III generation, featuring stylish design and ease of use. The presence of a display and 8 speed modes allow you to easily manage the printing process and to perform complex drawings high precision printing without the need to constantly push the button of regulation of speed of extruding plastic. When you connect a 3D handle to the network to the right of the screen illuminates the yellow indicator. During heating the temperature of the nozzle to the left of the screen indicator lights up in red, alternating green when heated to the desired temperature. In the absence of any action with 3D handle for some time (about 2 minutes), the pen goes into sleep mode.

To create three-dimensional drawings, into the housing handle boot plastic (ABS or PLA). After clicking "Start" all ideas are immediately ready to be implemented. 3D pen you can draw not only on paper or flat surface, but in the air, creating three-dimensional paintings, skeleton form, or individual items for future craft projects. Even a child with this pen will learn to draw and create vivid images and models. The power cord allows the handle for a long time. Colored plastics will teach adults and children to create a bright, colorful Souvenirs, toys, jewelry and three-dimensional drawings.


Best choice for children from 7 years;
Slim and light weight 3D handle only 55 grams;
Intelligent control;
The nozzle is made of new technology, now the probability of clogging miserable;
Digital speed control — 8 modes, the output speed more accurate and stable;
Now the smaller nozzle is heated, risk of burns is minimal;
Temperature control from 180 °C to 260 °C;
Soft-touch cover; color - black
Display - LCD;
Supports plastic ABC, PLA;
Nozzle diameter - 0.6 mm.