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Rubber ball ― cleaner screens

Offer type: salePublished: 21.01.2019
Price:5 UAH
Seller:Andrej Gennad'evich
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Bila Tserkva, Ukraine

Rubber ball ― cleaner sit. Rubber ball grain cleaning separators has a diameter of 25 mm and 35 mm. Made of high-quality rubber.

Machines that used rubber balls of different diameter to clean the sieves:

- grain cleaning separator BSH (separator BSH-100, BUA-200, BSH-300 -separators A1-BLS-12, A1-BLS-16, A1-BIS-100, A1-BLS-100, A1 BIS-150, A1-BLS-150, P1-BIS-200 manufacturer of mechanical plant PJSC g. Horol, Ukraine
- grain cleaning separators separators IED SVT-40 and the SVU-60 manufacturer
machine primary grain cleaning MZS-5, FHI-10, FHI-25
- aspirazione grain cleaning and sizing machine is a MAC-10 machine pre cleaning cleaner with a sieve (sieve box)
machine winnowing air-sieve MVR-4 (HLM-1500)
machine pre-clean MVR-7 (LPA-70)
- sieve cleaners (sieve consoles) MVP-8 (RP-50K)
- separators heap pre-cleaning of SVP-70 (OOO "Grain BY Cleaning"
Mogilev Belarus)
- universal stationary grain cleaning separator US-40C.-25C
- purifiers separators DENIS (NSD 1, 2 NSD, NSD 3 producer of commercial mark
DENIS, France)
- universal vacuum cleaners, sorting machines and cleaning
sorting machines for seed series TAS (TAS 152A-2, TAS 154A-4, TAS
204A-4, TAS 206A-2, TAS 210A-1 TAS 200A-III, Selektor Seed producer company Schmidt-
Seeger "Schmidt-Seeger" Germany)
universal sieve separators SMA 05, SMA 10, SMA 20, SMA 203-3, SMA 206-6
(producer company Schmidt-Seeger "Schmidt-Seeger" Germany)
cleaning machine for small seeds (separator domes type KUTM 100/300-
2S, cleaning machine for small seeds type KUTR 800/1800 manufacturer JK Machinery
Czech Republic)
- separators for cleaning grain GERB.RUBERG (Germany)
- sieve cleaning machine series Delta and Delta Super (manufacturer
CIMBRIA, Denmark)
- separators grain cleaning intekh К150 (Voronezh, Russia)
machine pre-cleaning of grain and WESTRUP WESTRUP SI 50 SI 70
(manufacturer WESTRUP A/S, Denmark)
- other grain-cleaning machines

Damaged screen frame and worn balls are mandatory replace with new.