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Pneumatic transporters pneumopercussion grain PTZ

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2019
Price:69 000 UAH
Company:PKB Pomsel'poekt
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Address:Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv, Ukraine
To supply any bulk cargo to any place!

Sucking-delivery handling grain by means of drive motors of PTZ-5E, PTZ-8E, PTZ-12E, PTZ-14TH, PTZ-20S:

Designed for transportation of grain and other similar loose products.
The absorption of grain is carried out directly from the ground, the vehicles, the filling of pits and silos storage. The movement of grain possible, both horizontally and vertically.
The use of temporary delivery of steel pipelines allows to submit the grain to the desired location.
The conveyor (complete) - 1pc
with the fan motor 380V, with remote control direct starting
Flexible hose 3M
Pipe metal диам160мм 1m - 1pcs
Pipe metal диам160мм 2m - 1pcs
Knee 90g R500 dia 160mm - 2pcs
Clamp coupling - 5pcs
Cyclone discharger - 1pc
Support cyclone - 1pc
Nozzle universal fence clamps - 1pc

Additional equipment at the customer's request:

Flexible hose, metal pipes, elbows, clamps coupling, al. the fan motor 380/660V with El. remote control soft start.

Advantages in comparison with analogues:
1 More economical fan
2 Screw the shutter compared to the gateway are more durable, repairable, requires no expensive gear motor.
3 The connecting clamps are thicker, allowing them more tightly, attach pipelines and more reliable in operation.
4 There is a quick installation of the horizontal piping at the required height and fixing vertical to additional racks or any designs by clamps provided on these pipes.