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Welding wire ER4047 (AlSi12)

Offer type: salePublished: 24.01.2018
Company:TOV 'Metalaviaprom'
Seller:Kiyanitsya Oleg Vasil'evich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Welding wire ER4047(AlSi12) used for welding, repair of casting defects and welding silumin AK12, casting alloys with high silicon content. Wire ER4047 is used for welding alloys of the 6000-th group (AV, AD31, AD33) with a total alloy content not more than 2%, and casting Al-Si-Cu (type AK5M2) alloys from other aluminum alloys. The high content of silicon in the wire improves corrosion resistance seam than in welding at least alloy wire. High silicon content provides high the fluidity of the metal during welding, the melt wets the edges of the welded product.

Repair of transport welding wire ER4047 (AlSi12) is used for sealing cracks in engine blocks, housings gear boxes, hubs, brake calipers.