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АК5 welding wire ER4043 (Al-Si5)

Offer type: salePublished: 24.01.2018
Company:TOV 'Metalaviaprom'
Seller:Kiyanitsya Oleg Vasil'evich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Welding wire ER 4043 composition and use the same wire SV АК5 according to GOST 7871 or the wire AlSi5. Welding wire ER 4043 is used as a consumable electrode for welding machines, semi-automatic, inverters weld flux and in shielding gases. With gas and TIG welding wire used as filler wire ER 4043. For MIG welding, the wire works as a consumable electrode.

Welding wire ER 4043 suitable for welding wrought aluminum alloys AD31, AD33, AV, 6061, 6063, АМг61 and cast aluminum alloys Ak9ch and AK12. Welded welds of alloy AD31, AD33, AV, 6061, 6063, which are welded with a wire ER 4043 (Svak5 or AlSi5), they have a high resistance against hot cracking and maximum strength.