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Tractor Dongfeng-504 (Dongfeng-504) with cab

Offer type: продамPublished: 02.05.2022
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Address:Hlevakha, Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine

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Dongfeng-504 – a novelty in the line of the brand Dongfeng, stylish model with a powerful performance and productivity. Durable and practical tractor allows you to perform the agricultural tasks of various complexity. The equipment includes a reverse Quad-band transmission and transfer case with three ranges (12 forward gears and 12 back) that significantly improves the manageability tractor, increases agility and technical capabilities of the machine.

Transmission is controlled by two ergonomically positioned levers. Mechanical plug-in front-wheel drive provides maximum traction and power transmission. Oscillating front axle promotes soft driving the tractor in conditions of uneven surfaces. Steering (angle 45 degrees) smooth and comfortable thanks to the separate pump that maintains the bilateral cylinder. Portable drives front and rear wheels allow you to change the track width of the front and rear axle in a wide range. There is a system of forced lowering of rear hitch.

Power steering;

directional control valve with two hydroporini;

double disc clutch;

locking rear differential;

two-speed PTO;

front and rear reinforced tow hitch with height adjustment;

separate brake pedal;

the Parking brake;

socket for trailer operation;

glow plug on intake manifold.

Modern and spacious 6-pillar cab provides maximum visibility (360 degrees). The design provides non-removable from the floor frame, which increases tightness and safety in the salon. The cab is mounted on 4 rubber vibration dampers and equipped with integrated roof heating. Ventilation system with 6 nozzles optimally distributes the air flow and regulate inside temperature. Natural ventilation of the cabin through a hatch on the roof, side and rear opening Windows. The rear window in the open position fixed gas springs and used when needed as an emergency exit.

Engine model 4G33T
Wheel formula 4x4
Power, HP/kW 36,8/50
Number of cylinders 4
Working volume, cm3 3260
Fuel type diesel
Engine cooling liquid
Type air filter external oil bath
Glow plug on intake manifold, spiral type, the system "cold start"
The number of gears in the transmission unsynchronized manual (4 forward +4 back)*3
Type clutch disc
Weight, kg 1900
Front/rear cargo, kg 120/no
Nominal tractive force, kN 12.5
The capacity of the sample, kg 850
Maximum speed km/h 36.5
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3780/1615/2230
Wheelbase, mm 1908
Front wheels track, mm 1300
Rear track, mm 1200-1620
Differential lock is
The size of the front tire 8.3-20
The size of the rear tyres 12.4-28
Servo hydraulic
Number of pumps 2
Parking brake dependent
PTO, rotation speed, Rev/min 540/1000
Fuel tank capacity, l 50
Agrotechnical clearance, mm 400.

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