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Mini-tractor Xingtai-220 (Xingtai-220) 3-cylinder

Offer type: продамPublished: 02.05.2022
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Hlevakha, Ukraine

Delivery throughout Ukraine with documents for registration! Work without payment.

A new modification of the mini-tractor Xingtai-220 with sliding front axle are the modern design of the external cladding, equipped with three-cylinder diesel, has rear-wheel drive and the blocking function of the rear axle.

Powerful hydraulic pump provides reliable work of the hydraulic system of the tractor. Transmission - with single lever control and razdatkoy (6 forward gears with a wide range of speeds and 2 reverse). The engine speed can be adjusted and locked by the manual lever. A primary feature of the model is the sliding rear axle allows you to change track within 960-1200 mm adjustment track of the rear axle within 990-1200 mm is turns wheels bulge inward/outward or by moving the wheel directly on the hub.

The alligator-type hood can be easily lifted forward. There is an adjustable limiter. A metal grid installed in front of radiator to protect from dust and foreign objects that could cause damage to the radiator or to reduce its cooling effect. High-quality air cleaning provides a three-stage air filter, combining inertial and filtering methods of cleaning.

The design is updated, dynamic forms, front-wheel drive features a Chevron tread pattern (herringbone). Ergonomics and comfort the operator's station provides the instrument panel (gauges for oil pressure, coolant temperature, ammeter), step, handrails, wide passage, adjustable for growth spring seat with multi-function ventilation channels.

Headlamps with high and low beams, turns on the sides of the hood, rear working headlight, two-piece lights with red and orange lenses and reflectors, fenders on the front wheels, two spherical mirrors and the handles on the wings create a secure environment for convenience and safety.

Engine model HS380
Wheel formula 4x2, a leading rear axle
Power, HP/kW 22/16.2
Number of cylinders 3
Working volume, cm3 1357
Fuel type diesel
Engine cooling liquid
Type air filter three-stage
Glow plug is
The number of gears in the transmission (3+1)x2, manual
Type clutch single-plate
Weight, kg 1040
Front/rear cargo, kg rear, 50
Nominal tractive force, kN 4.0
The capacity of the sample, kg 360
Maximum speed, km/h 2.8-31.5
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2580/1200/1330
Wheel base, mm 1450
Front wheels track, mm 960-1200
Rear track, mm 990-1200
Ground clearance mm 340
Differential lock is
Front tire size 4-14
The size of the rear tires 7.5-20
Servo no
Number of pumps 1
The Parking brake is
PTO, rotation speed, rpm 540, rear
Fuel tank capacity, l 17
Protection against accidental start-up is.

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