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Houses made of wood: where in St. Petersburg you can buy quality lumber?

Offer type: salePublished: 29.12.2016
Company:OOO "Al'yans-Les"
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg

Many people dream of own house in a quiet suburb. But having acquired the land, most do not know where to begin the realisation of a dream. The first step is the development of the project with the selection of appropriate building materials and costing. This will allow you to realistically assess opportunities, scope of work and set the exact amount of the budget. But there is a second question: "what materials are best to build a house?".

Despite the rapid development of the market of building materials, has not lost its relevance natural wood. It is environmentally friendly and safe material, which for many centuries used in construction. Houses of wood are not only the most warm, safe and durable structures if proper care is organized and initially selected the high-quality lumber. It is the choice of lumber is necessary to show attention. Today they are engaged in sales of many companies.

If you look at this situation from the point of view of economy, it is more profitable to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. In St. Petersburg on a broad range of lumber can offer reasonable prices, the company "Alliance-Forest". Extensive experience in this field has allowed the company to explore all the intricacies and peculiarities of the production of timber. Today to buy a fairly large selection of them:

  • profiled timber and planed;
  • Board;
  • the block-house;
  • plywood;
  • lining and more.

Full assortment presented on the official website of the manufacturer To see the characteristics of the materials at any time. Without wasting much precious time and effort, it is possible to buy a dry timber with delivery across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Shipping is reliable transport companies. The cost is calculated at the time of ordering.

For the construction of a private house or a country cottage shaped beam is ideal. Besides, affordable rates from "Alliance-Forest" allow without compromising the budget to build the structure, given the characteristics of the previously developed project. To give the future structure additional strength and resistance to impact of external factors, the company's employees are ready to conduct further processing of wood, refractory, and antiseptic compounds.