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Roil Platinum Metal Conditioner Anti-Friction Lubrcation: Save Fuel, Reduce Metal Wear, Improve Engine Performance *NEW*

Offer type: sellPublished: 14.12.2016
Company:Roil Platinum Australia
Seller:A Mackinnon
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Address:Australia, Melbourne

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reduces vehicle operating costs, metal friction / wear, fuel use carbon emissions, while improving performance, torque, fuel efficiency engine life.ROIL PLATINUM
*Advanced German formulations independently tested by TUV QLD University of Technology (results available)
*Available in Australia, sought after worldwide
*Ideal for cars, SUV, trucks, tractors, motorbikes, boats, mining, fleets etc.


# METAL CONDITIONER (previously branded as Roil GOLD)
*Penetrates treats metal surfaces / micropores
*Significantly reduces metal friction, resistance wear of moving metal parts during normal operation (domestic, industrial or high performance)
*Extends engine life, efficiency minimises your operating maintenance costs. Especially protects engine wear during cold starts
*Features compounds engineered in Germany, reducing friction corrosive build-up on moving parts. Compounds guard against corrosion help control acidity
*Unique formula has NO harmful suspended solids, NO graphite, NO molybdenum, NO silicone NO Teflon - unlike other products
*Formulated to compliment or combine with any mineral or synthetic oils
•Add Roil Platinum METAL CONDITIONER any time or after oil change
*Proven testing against other oils lubricants with FALEX brake friction machine, see VIDEO:
*Suitable to add to any oil in any petrol or diesel vehicle, auto or manual, all combustion engines. Also turbo charged engines.
USAGE = Pour METAL CONDITIONER directly into any engine oil at 70ml per Litre of engine sump oil. Or add 20ml / L oil in Gearbox transmission, Clutch, Slip Differential, Power Steering, Hydraulic Pump.

# FUEL TREATMENT (Petrol or Diesel)
•Safely removes gum, varnish water from your fuel system, allows engine to perform more efficiently saves you operating costs
•TUV tests showed ~5% fuel savings using entire Roil Platinum System
•Formulated specifically for petrol engines, Roil Platinum Fuel Treatment (Petrol) can reduce amount of Hydrocarbons emitted into our air by up to 58% Carbon Monoxide by up to 62%.
*Improves fuel savings performance of all petrol diesel vehicles, cars, trucks, tractors, generators, heavy machinery, mining, engineering etc.
*Includes easy pour nozzle to pour directly into your full fuel tank
USAGE = Add Roil Platinum FUEL TREATMENT (PETROL or DIESEL) at any time to a full tank of fuel, then repeat at each or every 2nd service.
* Motor vehicles: 375ml treats up to 80L of fuel. Motorcycles: add 200mL. Large trucks or mining vehicles: add 375mL per 80 litres of fuel.

•Flushes, conditions, cleans engine improves engine performance
•Removes engine contamination build-up by suspending it in old oil to discard
•Independent test results show up to 87% reduction in Hydrocarbon Emissions up to a 79% reduction in Carbon Monoxide emissions.
USAGE = Pour 1 can of Roil Platinum ENGINE FLUSH into engine just before an oil change allow to idle for 15 mins. Then drain old oil, change oil filter according to manufacturers recommendations. One can treats up to 6L of old oil. For larger engine sumps, add 75mL of Roil Platinum Engine Flush per Litre of oil
*Motor cycles can use 200mL (not to be used with motor cycles with a wet clutch)
*Optimum results when followed up with Roil Platinum METAL CONDITIONER.

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Roil Platinum™ is German engineered excellence in the field of sustainable motoring


Independently tested by TUV, a leading German testing agency, which confirmed ROIL PLATINUM™ products give improved fuel economy, reduced pollution, reduced wear and improved performance.  TUV test results available on request.  



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