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zzbo compact-90 Concrete Plant

Offer type: sellPublished: 12.12.2016
Price:88 815 $
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Address:Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust

Special features

Capacity 90 cu m per hour

No foundation or skip pit needed

Twin-shaft concrete mixer for 2250 liters

Automatic control system - "single button" principle

Transportation in two euro trailers or 40-foot containers

Quick deployment and start-up - within one working day

Technical Features

Capacity, cu m per hour - 70...90

Automatic operation mode, "single button" principle

Twin-shaft concrete mixer BP-2G-2250s

Hoppers (number of x capacity, cu m) 3 x 18 = 54

Silo capacity (optional), tons from 22

CAMOZZI Pneumatic equipment (Italy)

ABAC Pole Position L20P Compressor (Italy)

Design - summer

Load of inert materials into the concrete mixer - skip

Total power, kW - 95

Sector gate, pneumatic control

Weight, kg - 25,000

Height, mm -  8,650

Width, mm - 3,550

Length, mm  - 17,550 


Price EXW, includes VAT 0% and depends on the exchange rates


COMPACT 90 concrete plant operates in automatic mode in accordance with the single button principle. The operator needs to choose grade of concrete (M50 ... M500) and its amount for loading, and to press the button to start the cycle.

PA 2.0 control panel of the plant is located in a comfortable operator’s compartment with inspection windows which can be in-frame or stand near the plant.

All equipment is installed on a reinforced mounting frame which is placed on a level ground. No foundation or skip pit needed.

BP-2G-2250s Twin-shaft concrete mixer is mounted on an elevated structure. Discharge height - 4 m. The concrete mixer is equipped with a skip for mixture hoisting and feeding. For storage and dispensing inert materials: DKM-54 batching complex. There are three hoppers of 18 cu m each. Total capacity is 54 cu m. A dispensing conveyor belt where component batching is performed is installed under the hoppers. Components are fed from the hoppers by opening of Camozzi pneumatically operated gates (Italy). Upon achievement of the required batch of inert materials, the conveyor is turned on, and inert materials are fed into the skip that hoists the components to the concrete mixer.

Cement is stored in a silo (option). The cement silo needs to be manufactured at the site, or another option shall be chosen. To feed cement from the silo into the cement dispenser, a screw conveyor shall be purchased. Cement, water and chemical additives are batched in BD-90 block if dispensers. Cement is batched in cement dispenser with maximum dosage 900 kg. Water is batched in water dispenser with maximum dosage 450 litres. Chemical additives are batched in 60 litres dispenser.

All components of the mixture are mixed; upon achievement of required homogeneity of the mixture, Camozzi pneumatically operated gate is opened, and the mixture is discharged into a concrete mixer lorry or a receiving hopper. Then the cycle is repeated.

One cycle lasts for 55-60 seconds during which 1.5 cu m of ready-to-use concrete is produced.