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Drum towels dryer, W nerzhaveyki circuit

Offer type: salePublished: 13.02.2022
Price:600 000 UAH
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

Unit drying drum, in which there are three metal cylinders: inner p stainless steel, the intermediate and outer set thus, the mass which is dried in the process of moving sequentially passes through each of them. On the inner surfaces of the cylinder placed the blade on the outer surfaces of the the inner and intermediate cylinders – reflectors 7, providing during rotation turning and putting too much weight in the flow of coolant. External the cylinder is fixed to the bandages , resting on a metal track roller and drive stations. Speed of rotation of the drum is changed . The drum can equipped with a solid fuel varovin automatic heat source (700 - 3000 kW) ; a set of mixer - spark arrester ( spark removes 100 %, ash 70 %); cyclone dry mass.