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Sunflower seeds Odyssey

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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The Sunflower Odyssey

This hybrid sunflower, Odysseus is a novelty on the seed market of Ukraine Ukrainian selection, the originator of this hybrid is the company "NPK" "LOGOS". The first and probably one of the most important of its features is the high "plasticity" that this hybrid has inherited from the parent lines. Odyssey like no other hybrid sunflower, provide a stable level of harvest in any growing conditions, even poor soils. Recommended area for cultivation - Steppe and forest-Steppe. The vegetation period is 105-110 days, allowing you to grow sunflower Odyssey both in Nikolaev, and in Kiev regions.

Biological features:

The highest resistance to lodging (among hybrids PE "SPC" LOGO ")
High energy ball growth and drought resistance;
Genetic resistance to Sclerotinia, Phomopsis, and 4 races (A,B,C,D) top sunflower.
High resistance to white rot, which gives the opportunity to grow this hybrid in areas with heavy rainfall, such as Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Sumy.

Sunflower hybrid Odyssey was tested on the eight areas of the State variety testing stations in different regions of Ukraine. At a time when the yield of the other hybrids had significant variations depending on growing zones, Odysseus showed high stable yields under the adverse dry conditions at 25 kg/ha. the highest yield was registered in the Kirovograd and Kherson regions (28-27 kg/ha, respectively,