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Bank plastic, blow molding, food with lid

Offer type: salePublished: 23.12.2015
Seller:Oksana Oksana
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
We offer plastic containers (buckets,containers,jars) for packaging, transportation and storage of food products, products of chemical and paint industries, household use. Covers can be made in white or color versions. Tara tightly, sealed with the control seal from opening.
Application: fish preserves, packaging of mayonnaise, ice cream, margarine, honey, halva, wet salads, dried fruits and berries, nuts, jams and preserves, household cleaners, paint products and much more.

Packaging in the modern world is not only a necessary means of protecting the product from external environment, but also an effective tool with which you can beautifully present the products. Currently, the most commonly used material for packaging is plastic. Why him? Let's face it.
Thus, the most important success factor of this material is the perfect combination of quality and price: it is inexpensive, lightweight, can take any form. Moreover, packaging made of plastic is very practical, since at a minimum weight its protective quality much better than, for example, cardboard or paper. Plastic containers do not crumple, do not break, and food can be stored in them for much longer.
Aesthetically the plastic tanks also have the advantage, because the material they are easier to process and therefore may be purchased of almost any shape and color. Such a package can be in color, translucent, have a different decorative insert, etc.
Another important factor is security. Plastic containers impossible to break, very difficult to cut yourself. The goods in such packing it is very convenient to carry and unload-load in the warehouse. You can be sure that the goods are placed in containers and packaging made of plastic, will be protected and reach their destination.
Thus, choosing plastic tanks and other containers made of plastic, you can be assured that your item will not lose original shape and will look great.
- high quality;
― low price;
― individual design;
― ease of use