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Vibrotek "HBC-2 for the production of building blocks

Offer type: продамPublished: 31.03.2017
Price:4 900 UAH
Seller:Vasilij Stanislavovich
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Address:Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy, Ukraine


The Company "Teploservice" have developed a new feature!

We offer You vibrotek universal allows you to perform two types of blocks.

1) Sizes manufactured cinder block (length, width, height
  H Hm).
( Blake at the same time).

Emptiness by 3pcs Hm. on each block.

The performance of the machine 46 - 50 units/hour.

Simple design allows for 5 - 6 minutes to install two bulkhead plate attached with four bolts M10 which are made peristerona cinder blocks.

2) Sizes manufactured peresadochnogo unit (length, width, height h mm). ( 4 units simultaneously).
  Performance machine pristenochnykh blocks 80 - 100 units/hour.

                                Advantages of the machine:

1)Comfortable handle, new design and superior clamping frame, which gives to produce a better cinder block!
3).The thickness of the PARTITION PLATE 4 mm
( Prevents the deformation matrix and removes the scattering angles of cinder blocks).
4) heavy-duty frame profile 40x25.
5) Reinforced lift arm profile 25x25.
6) Wheel bearings.
7) Button start / stop.
Description machine:

- Voltage 220V.
The engine 200 watt, 3000 rpm
- The volume of the machine of 0.4 cubic meters
- Machine weight 63 kg

- Electric power 1.6 KW per 8 hour shift.All buyers in the gift drive with full information and secrets about vibrolance and the principle of work on it.
Delivery in Ukraine transport companies!
(New Mail, Intime, Deliver).

We always do our job fair!