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Guillotine from 0.1 mm to 20mm - guillotine production Chernihiv mechanical plant, Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 10.12.2018
Company:Chernigovskij mehanicheskij zavod
Seller:Yurij Vladimirovich
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Chernihiv, Ukraine

Scissors crank sheet with sloping knife models H-478 (h), N-478-01 (h), NCC 6020 (h, h), NCC 3214 (2.H) are designed for direct longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet metal.

Nognize can be used in any industry for cutting sheet metal can be used in areas with a temperate climate in heated and unheated industrial premises (model NCC 6020, NCC 3214), as well as in the open air at temperatures from -20 to +40 deg.With (model H 478, H-478-01).

Features the design of the scissors:

· Cutting is done to stop or markup.

· Scissors can be equipped with roller conveyors (driven, not driven to feed the sheet metal.

· The Electromechanical actuator with a rigid coupling enable with two pivoting pins, which eliminates the use of compressed air (for shear H-478, NCC 6020).

· The clutch runs in oil bath (for shear NCC 6020).

· The installation of knives for cutting round, square and angular metal (for shear H-478, NCC 6020).

· The Electromechanical actuator with direct from the gear motor (for shear NCC 3214).

· The motor (geared motor) is activated only during cutting, which saves energy (for shear NCC 3214).

Our company has many years experience in the production of guillotine shears and listprofiles machines. Over 35 years of manufacture release guillotine shears thickness of cut from 0.1 mm to 20 mm Produced listopravilnaja machine has been operated successfully at many enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In recent years significantly expanded the range of production equipment and metalloelastase (molds for concrete) in the construction industry. Ongoing analysis of customer feedback helped to create, first of all, reliable and easy to use equipment. ToAK the manufacturer we guarantee quality, reliability, compliance Specifications and standards, guarantee and perform warranty service. Large part of our products are EXPORTED to about 13 countries.