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Apparatus for slaughter (stun) cattle

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2017
Price:260 EUR
Seller:VELMARK M Vladislav
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Address:Lviv, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
Apparatus for slaughter (stun) cattle JP4, the 9mm cartridge
The device humane stunning of cattle intended for effective stun (bring in the unconscious and obedienoe status of animals before slaughter. It is based on the action pop-up shock rod driven with gunpowder. When triggered, the charge, the rod penetrates the cranial box of animal and damage to the brain of the animal, so it is not experiencing pain and is in the unconscious, obezdvizhena condition. This avoids the stress of the animal, to provide a good bleeding and to achieve high quality meat. The device is made of durable stainless steel, and can be used in the most demanding environments slaughterhouse shops. The apparatus can be used to stun cattle, horses, pigs, Buffalo.
Slaughter is due to the energy of the powder charge special cartridge.
There are special cartridges with a simple and consolidating the powder charge.

• Unsurpassed penetration and high productivity slaughter - animals lie down quietly, as a result easy to kill
• Very strong and durable
• Effective security system trigger trigger (the trigger). Safe, no random shots.
• No jamming of the bolt into the skull of the animal
• Automatic ejection of the shot sleeve - no jams sleeves and falling apparatus
• Easy to use
• Low costs of cleaning and maintenance
• Cheap powder charges