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The digesters 200-1200 liters

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2017
Seller:VELMARK M Vladislav
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Address:Lviv, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
The digesters for cooking meat, sausages and vtaplivanija fat. Energy source - electricity, steam, gas or diesel fuel.
The digesters designed to work in automatic mode, controlled by a microprocessor-based controller. Space shirts fills the oil medium heat with a high thermal conductivity, whereby the temperature is evenly distributed over the surface of the Cup and eliminates the burnt product. Boilers can operate in two versions, on time and temperature.
Microprocessor controller 50 INDU
● Temperature control of the baton;
● Temperature control;
● Time control;
● Autostart.
The benefits of digesters:
● The digester is completely made of stainless steel, meets the highest requirements of hygiene, easy to care for.
● Self locking hinges security, equipped with a spring balance, to prevent the risk of injuries.
● Insulating cover digester with a silicone seal and a wide handle grip ensures minimal heat loss.
● Resistant, adjustable legs in stainless steel.
In his assortment of boilers of different size:
- 400l
- 500L
- 600l
- 800 l
- 1000L
- L
- HL
- HL
- HL