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Fungicide Shirlan 500 SC, Syngenta, the Original. Delivery in Ukraine, the Price of 90$ L.

Offer type: salePublished: 19.08.2023
Price:90 $
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Address:Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy, Ukraine


Stops the germination of spores and zoospores, the emergence of appressorium, the growth of the hyphae of the fungus, as well as sporoobrazovanie
A wide range of activity: protection of both plants and tubers in storage
Distinctive element antiresistance solutions
Lasting impact, not dependent on weather conditions: reliable
protection against diseases even under adverse weather conditions
Action spectrum

Phase introduction

The consumption rate of the product, kg / ha

The multiplicity
treatments /
The term


The disease

Spraying during the period



Early blight, late blight




Early blight, late blight



Purpose: Shirlan ® 500 SC, HP - Contact fungicide broad spectrum with a pronounced protective effect. Effective against late blight, Alternaria and other diseases of potato and tomato in preventive the making. Mechanism of action: Shirlan ® 500 SC, HP warns germination of spores, inhibits their mobility, sporoobrazovanie, stops the spread of zoosporangia, preventing the release of zoospores and infected plants. The protection period lasts from 7 to 14 days depending on weather conditions and adopted in agriculture technology cultivation. The timing of the introduction of spraying a fungicide Shirlan ® 500 SC , HP should be performed prophylactically. Start under favorable conditions for the spread of disease. Phytotoxicity: When using the drug Shirlan ® 500 SC, HP of genericoonline the company is no risk of phytotoxicity. Recommendations for use: Clean tank, pipelines and terminals, and the operating status of the sprayer is carried out before the beginning of the protective works. Then determine the number and uniformity of water flow through the nozzles and compare with the calculated values according to the flow rate of the working mixture for 1 ha Spraying is conducted in the morning or evening hours in calm weather, preventing the demolition of the drug on neighboring cultures. Use Shirlan ® 500 SC, HP prophylactically!Start spraying when favorable for the development and spread of disease conditions, but to the infected culture. If necessary, processing is repeated from an interval of 7-14 days. If the culture is already infected, the first processing recommended curative fungicide. To achieve the maximum effect should be calibrated sprayer for small and medium-sized spray. The rate of flow of the working solution should be sufficient for complete wetting of the entire leaf surface. Increase the consumption rate of the working solution, depending on the square leaf surface culture, is processed. To prevent runoff the working solution from the treated leaf surface! The rate of flow of working solution depends on the culture and the availability of favorable development and infection factors. Use higher standards drug Shirlan ® 500 SC, HP and reduce the intervals between treatments under intensive culture growth (to protect the young leaves and shoots) and in conditions favorable for the development of the pathogen. After completion of the work with preparation rinse the sprayer.
Preparation of working fluid: the working solution is prepared directly before spraying. With continuous stirring, add calculated and a measured amount of the drug in the spray tank, which half-filled with clean water. Do not stop stirring work solution in the process. When using the drug Shirlan ® 500 SC HP in tank mixture with other pesticides add drugs into the tank the sprayer in the following sequence: RFP? EDC? Shirlan ® 500 SC HP ? EC.Each subsequent component to be added after complete dissolution the previous ones. The working solution should be used in the preparation day