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Herbicide Basis 75%, buy, price, sale, delivery to Ukraine. Price 650$ kg. Original

Offer type: salePublished: 19.08.2023
Price:650 $
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Address:Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy, Ukraine

Herbicide Basis - herbicide against grass and broadleaf weeds in crops of maize for grain and silage.

Herbicide Basis suppresses a wide range of weeds (annual and perennial broadleaf), so there is no need mix it additionally with other herbicides.

The basis used in stage 2-b leaves of corn, which allows to choose a large number of days suitable for herbicide treatment. As other sulfonylureas, the basis has an impact on the enzyme acetolactate that leads to a rapid stop growth, and in further to the death of sensitive plants. The absence of this enzyme in humans and animals due to low toxicity drug.

In sensitive species of plants first symptoms of herbicide action Basis occur in the tissues of the meristem. Weeds stop growing after a few hours after making the drug. Other symptoms, including chlorosis, necrosis and deformation of leaves, appear in a few days. Later 10-25 days the weeds die. Sredneoblastnye weeds can to survive and stay green, but they are in a depressed condition and no longer competing with the culture.

The drug is highly effective at low application rates. In the dosage of 20 g/ha destroys all annual grass and broad range of dicotyledonous weeds. If the field contains perennial weeds, it is recommended to use the Basis in the dosage of 25 g/ha Treatment should be done when the grass and Guma reach a height of 10-20 see

The basis should always be applied with adhesive Trend 90 (200-300 ml/ha). Trend 90 enhances the effectiveness and absorption by leaf herbicide, especially in dry, hot conditions.

The effect of Basis does not depend on the moisture content in the soil. Herbicide mainly absorbed through the leaves, which ensures efficiency drug in dry conditions.

The basis is rapidly degraded in the soil, so there is no restrictions on subsequent crops in the normal rotation crop rotation.

Preparative form:

water-soluble granules
Culture consumption Rate g/ha
Corn 20-25g/ha 200ml/ha surfactant Trend 90
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