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Semi-mobile crushing and screening complexes DSU-90, DMS-200, DMS-300 for cube-shaped crushed stone

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2019
Company:Obuhovskaya promyishlennaya kompaniya
Seller:Mel'tsaeva Elena Aleksandrovna
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Address:Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Russian Federation
Obukhov industrial company designs, manufactures and launches into operation semimobile crushing and screening complexes DSU-90, DMS-200, DMS-300 , technological lines for cube-shaped crushed stone, recycling and separation of waste, for processing large-size reinforced concrete. Obukhov industrial company produces and offers universal impact crusher type dim 800K for cube-shaped crushed stone from solid rock. High output cube-shaped crushed stone up to 95%. Obukhov industrial company has developed and manufactures technologies for recycling of concrete scrap. Central processing line is machine MPR-1500. The maximum dimensions of the processed products him. Crusher-machine press-destructive MPR-1500 has a fixed grate table, and the product is moved along the table to the press, which is the initial fracture. Performance depends on the composition of processed raw materials, integration of complex and can reach up to 50m3/h.