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the equipment for manufacture of wool (cellulose insulation)

Offer type: salePublished: 28.08.2017
Company:OOO Grandenergo
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Address:Horad Polatsk, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk Oblast

the equipment for manufacture of wool (cellulose insulation).

Produced In Poland. The crusher. Line. Wrappers in bales.

Cellulosic insulation material of gray (light gray) color is usually comprised 81 % of secondary cellulose (recycled newspaper paper), 12% of the antiseptic (boric acid), and 7% from flame retardants (borax). The fiber material is lignin, which when wet material binds the fibers and elements of design. Antiseptic and antipyrine components of this material are low-toxic, moderately hazardous, non-volatile, natural ingredients. Cellulose insulation long opposed open fire, rot, has good performance of heatand sound insulation, on the level of the best examples of insulating materials. The thermal conductivity of the material is 0,037-0,042 W/(m*K), and it can hold up to 20 % moisture in the upper layers of insulation that almost does not affect the insulating properties. The material readily releases moisture into the environment due to the capillary structure of cellulose fibers and drying, it does not lose its properties. The density of use is 28-65 kg/m3. Flammability group depends on the specifications of the manufacturer.