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Thermometer laboratory metastatic Beckman TL-1, 0 and+5°C, -20 To+150°C

Offer type: salePublished: 26.03.2020
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
Thermometer laboratory TL-1 Thermometer metastatic Beckmann. Mercury glass thermometer to measure with high precision small temperature differences not exceeding 5°C in the temperature range from -20 to +150 °C. is Produced by TU-11.902-73. Has a "Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments". The design of the Main scale from 0 to +5, the intercept of 0.01°C. secondary scale from -20 to +150, the multiplier is 5°C. configure the thermometer on the specified range of temperature measurement on the main scale are pre-transfusion mercury from the reserve tank into the main or, on the contrary, with an approximate dosage on the auxiliary scale. Spare iphoneography tank and secondary scale are located in the upper part of the thermometer. Specifications: Brand: t-1 Range of temperature measurement ?C:0...+5 the intercept of the scale ?C:0.01 Length of the thermometer, mm:560±10 Term. liquid:mercury