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Herbicide Task 64% century., buy, price, sale, delivery to Ukraine. The price of$ 75 kg. Original

Offer type: salePublished: 19.08.2023
Price:75 $
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Address:Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy, Ukraine

Tack® 64 century,
Impeccable efficiency at any level of contamination of maize annual and perennial monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds. Ideal technology zero cultivation.
Active ingredients: rimsulfuron, with 32.5 g/kg dicamba, 609 g/kg
Preparative form: water-soluble granules
Packing: water-soluble packets 384 g per 1 ha
The features and benefits of the Tasca®:
Thanks to two active substances provides control of problem weeds: sow-Thistle yellow and pink, species of dodder, ragweed, nightshade, bucolic white quinoa, grcac, milkweed, marsh cistaro
There is no need for drugs-partners - two active substances from different classes provide synergies
Effective control of persistent perennial weeds: quack grass, and other Guma
Reliable control of annual weeds: grasses and more than 200 species of dicotyledonous
The rapid penetration into the plant - fast symptoms of action - rapid killing weeds
High profitability - rather one treatment per season
Mechanism of action:
Exceptional efectivni action Tasca® is achieved by strengthening herbicide effect of the two active substances. Rimsulfuron and dicamba produce an excellent system action and quickly penetrate into plants.
Rimsulfuron is absorbed mainly by the leaves and moves to the points weed growth. Herbicide stops cell division in the growing points of shoots and roots, therefore stops the growth of weeds in a few hours after processing. Dicamba absorbed by the leaves and root system and has the ability to move in all directions: from the roots to growth points, and land of the root hairs. Visual indications of the actions Tasca® (discoloration, necrosis) can be seen in 3-7 days after application depending on weather conditions. Herbicide activity is enhanced in warm and wet weather after application, while cold and dry conditions can to slow the action of the drug.
Extraordinary effect against problem weeds.
Tack® controls all grass weeds, especially grass, Guma, plochu normal, spickle, as well as persistent broad-leaved species: birch field, sow Thistle pink and yellow, cleaver, amaranth, ragweed and other
Tack® is ideal for technology "zero tillage", as in this type of contamination is changing - becoming more diverse, weeds are more stages and require the use combined preparations containing several active substances from different classes.
Range of action of the drug:
The name of the weed
The name of the weed
Elytrigia repens
Wild oats empty
Timothy, types
The normal Ploscha
Spickle, types
Millet, types
Paganica multifloral
Weed blood
Sorghum bicolor
Alopecurus of mesochori
The name of the weed
The name of the weed
The bindweed
Thistle field
The small-flowered galinsoga
Highlander, types
Mustard field
Shepherd's purse common
The ordinary dope
Duradek tonality
Senecio normal
Starwort average
Up, types
Nettle, types
Quinoa, types
The wild poppy
Mint field
Milkweed species
Cocklebur, types
Oten, types
Nightshade black
Woodland annual
Wormwood ordinary
Radish wild
Rpice wrinkled
Chamomile, types
Rosliza popden
Dymjanka drug
The sunflower is an annual
Violet field
Sorrel, types
Amaranth, types
Recommendations for use:
A single application of the Tasca® as a post-harvest herbicide in crops corn is a good alternative dosho-annual and pre-sowing treatments culture and does not require additional protection during the growing season
Tack® is recommended for use in crops of maize, which is grown for grain and silage