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Sell Welding oscillator OSD-400

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2017
Price:2 900 UAH
Company:Stroitel'nyij magazin 10000 melochej
Seller:Mihail Anatol'evich
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Sell Welding the oscillator OSD-400- device for contactless excitation welding arc and its stabilization capacity up to 400 amps when welding tungsten inert gases (argon, helium). Part of the apparatus includes pathogen-arc stabilizer for the implementation of argon-arc welding and the module to perform manual welding according to the inverter technology a piece of coated electrodes.

Welding work can be performed at a constant or alternating current, on the front panel is the toggle switch between the currents. The oscillator is equipped with adapter allow you to connect it to single phase network 220 V three-phase 380 Century System stabilization maintains performance arc voltage swing power 10%.

Unit OSD-400 produces high voltage the pulses for the excitation of an arc DC and each of its attenuation. There is a possibility to adjust the time purge gas after welding works from 1 to 15 seconds. There is also a possibility to adjust the angle of the education of the pulse (10-70 degrees).

The oscillator OSD-400 performs the following functions in the composition of the welding position:

  • Manual arc welding with covered of electrode at a constant and alternating current with the stabilization of the arc

  • TIG welding of aluminum, stainless steel, other non-ferrous metals using nonconsumable tungsten electrode with the function of non-contact arc starting and its subsequent stabilization.

  • The inclusion of and off welding power source for argon-arc welding button located on the handle of the welding the burner.

  • Switch mode welding 2T/4T.

  • Change time purge gas after conducting welding works.

Gas the valve is built into the device. Additionally equipped with a regulator change delay forming a high-voltage pulse in relation to the time of the transition voltage through 0V. Activation time oscillator 60% at maximum current.

Technical features:

    Type: welding oscillator

  • Voltage mains supply: 220 / 380V

  • Maximum power consumption: 44 W

  • Rated welding current: 400 a

  • MO at the rated welding current: 60%

  • Blowing inert gas : 1-15 sec

  • Installation the angle of the impulse formation: 15-70 0

  • Switch mode welding 2T/4T

  • Pressure protective gas inlet: 1.5 kg/cm2

  • Manufacturer: Vesta (Ukraine)

  • Weight: 7 kg

  • Overall dimensions: mm 410x155x265

Price: 2900 USD.

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