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Sell welding oscillator OSD-300.

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2017
Price:1 930 UAH
Company:Stroitel'nyij magazin 10000 melochej
Seller:Mihail Anatol'evich
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Will sell withcooking the oscillator OSD-300.

Device intended for:- contactless excitation of the arc when welding in the composition of the consumable welding position tungsten electrode in the environment inert gases (argon, helium) stainless steel and non-ferrous metals at constant the current then disable oscillating pulse in the presence of the welding current is more than 10A. In case of breakage the welding arc, the oscillator generates next high voltage pulse for re-initiation of the welding arc;- contactless excitation of the arc in each the half-period of the mains voltage and frequency 50Hz, when welding in the welding composition post AC inert gases (argon, helium), nonconsumable (tungsten) electrode of aluminum and its alloys.

Technical features:

Rated welding current And 300
Duration enable OSD (PV) % 60
Voltage mains frequency (50 ± 1) Hz W 190 to 235
Purging with an inert gas to a second from 1 to 20
The input pressure of the inert gas cgsm ≤ 1,5
Maximum power consumption W 20
Dimensions OSSD, not more than:
length mm 260
width mm 240
height 130 mm
Weight, not more than 4,5 kg

Price: 1930 USD.

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