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The SDA-2 fraction (Armavir) 100 ml-GM

Offer type: salePublished: 30.12.2014
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ASD fraction 2 application for a person:
This medicine has been obtained more than fifty years ago antiseptic stimulant Dorogov or abbreviated (ASD) has a mass of contradictions and mysteries in its history of existence. In Soviet times thought directly with drug DCA was completely cured from cancer mother Beria. Like it or not so we can't judge and historians, however, do not forget that the use of ASD-2 for many years permitted only in the treatment of animals.
Stimulator Dorogov - ASD - the first time was the most common river frog by strong heating them to very high temperatures in a special apparatus. Today, the main raw material for obtaining fractions of SDA-2 is the product of dry distillation of meat and bone meal. In the production of fractions ASD produce another drug DCA-3. for therapeutic purposes, applies only fraction of the SDA-2.
According to the authors who developed the fraction of SDA-2 to humans, this drug is designed to boost the immune system and is anti-inflammatory (no relation to antibiotics.