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Sell and manufacture of spare parts for Italian pasta lines,

Offer type: salePublished: 18.12.2018
Seller:Yavorskij Vladimir
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Address:Belgorodskaya Oblast', Belgorod, Russian Federation
Sell and manufacture of spare parts for Italian pasta lines (pressing screw the band to the presses DINBRA,CIBRA,MABRA, COBRA, produce tape to the dryers TELESS, INTEL, PREMIXER - high-speed mixers, vacuum loaders test-rotary valves(СAPSULISMO), dispensers flour and water, high temperature motors, temperature sensors and humidity Rotronic, controllers, temperature and humidity, set the PLC and the new software that comes knives for cutting short pasta and cutting discs on the stripper, bastoni, vibroblade to trabaho and trays for static drying cabinets CTL 45 (1200 x 600 x h45mm), produce the support system environment, boiler lines, upgrading existing Italian production lines,technological support using experience in design, construction and installation of pasta factories specialists and technologists Italian companies Braibanti, Pastatechnology, Ferolli, Cusinato.