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Paving - road Repairs - speed bumps

Offer type: servicesPublished: 27.12.2014
Seller:Andrienko Vasilij Ivanovich
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Paving - road Repairs - Road of asphalt crumbs.
- construction of roads;
road works of any complexity;
vertical layout;
- asphalting;
- repair the asphalt roads of all categories;
- installation of curbs;
- landscaping;
- laying of paving tiles of all shapes and colors;
- gardening and landscaping;
- camping for vehicles;
device areas of asphalt crumb;
- earthworks;
- digging trenches with soil removal;
- removal of debris;
- asphalting hangars and hard-to-reach places;
The company has all necessary equipment for quality works. (067)939-83-24
Speed humps with asphalt
The device elements forced speed reduction (speed bumps) of asphalt. Asphalt speed bumps have several advantages over rubber products;
1. Does not deteriorate the existing asphalt throughout the operating speed bump
2. The cost of materials and execution of works on installation of asphalt speed bumps are much cheaper than rubber counterparts
3. The opportunity to make a "speed bump" of any height and width
4. Asphalt speed bumps much procine than rubber; not fly away, not pressed, and most importantly, that no one steals as rubber.
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