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Spare parts for compressor: WU, PC, CT, WS,6-3/46, WU, IT, your, VSHV

Offer type: salePublished: 25.12.2014
The company LLC "Ledarna" implements the whole range of equipment and components for production and repair facilities. Wide selection of our company presents the following product types:
Will supply spare parts for compressors: your-3,7/200, VSHV-2,3/230, HS-4,2/200, VSHV-3/100, HS-3/40, CT-6, CT-7, PC-5,25, WU-5/9, WU-3/8, WU-2,5/13, WU-5/4, SWS-1,5/46, WU-1,5/46, SWS-2,5/46, WU-3/46, GM-24/9, GM-12/65, VP-16/70, VP-30/8, DAN, SM: Cylinder, piston, piston rings, shaft, host of the connecting section of the heat sink, refrigerator compressor, hard rod, oil pump, gaskets in the range, the fingers of the piston, crosshead rod, the injection valve, suction valve, plate valve, valve spring, diaphragm, liners, valve, spare parts kit, valve 304-98-25-00, 304-98-31-00, 304-98-34-00, 304-98-37-00, 304-168 sat 12,13,14