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Polystyrene chips

Offer type: salePublished: 25.12.2014
Seller:Volchenko Viktoriya Viktorovna
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Task: to Produce insulation, sound insulation of the Foundation, filling the gaps in the frame walls, the insulation space between the walls with "air cushion", insulation of pipes.
Objects : Floor, wall, ceiling, roof, wall partitions, pipes in trenches.
Description: Polystyrene chips in the first place this is a great loose-fill insulation, suitable for filling closed cavities with the purpose thermal and acoustic insulation. The material allows to work at any temperature, both inside and outside the room. EPS crumb is well proven with insulation having a wall constructed with an air gap, when the filling frame walls and floors. At the end of the pipe to the house, the crumb is ideal for warming them and maintain the temperature of liquids when the ground is frozen solid.
Crumb completely odourless, dry texture, environmentally friendly, does not absorb moisture, is not subject to rotting and fungus formation.
Practice has shown that the insulation of the house ,with proper roof insulation reduces heating costs more than 50% in the winter and electricity for air conditioning in summer.
Low density 15 kg/m3 and a small fraction of the material allows to fill the cavity with a thickness of 20 mm service Life is not limited to, polystyrene chips does not shrink and does not lose time its qualities. Given these benefits and not a high price for the material and work, we can say that this is the most cost effective method of insulation.
Polystyrene chips are a great substitute for clay, but 5 times warmer and 40 times easier.
Advantages: High heat and sound insulating properties, 100% filling of the space, the exploitation of material from 60°C to +85°C without changing the structure, light weight material, not subject to decay.
Crumb-expanded polystyrene - 1230 rubles per m3