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Sold production of frameless furniture and accessories for children

Offer type: salePublished: 25.12.2014
Seller:Evgenij Evgenij
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Address:Russian Federation
Sold production of frameless furniture and accessories for children under its own brand in the Moscow region. The company was established in 2011 and has established itself as a reliable supplier of goods for retailers. The company supplies its products to several major networks (each with over 100 stores, including customers have a network of the first level, as well as international hypermarkets. At the moment sales are conducted only in Russia, but has already reached agreements on access to the European market (about 800 stores in the network). Large retail chains Children, Daughters and Sons, in each network more than 100 stores, the first network level - Hypermarket Globus, Internet hypermarket, Internet hypermarket There is a preliminary agreement with the decathlon, with the possibility of access to the European market, where they have 800 stores
The area occupied premises 650 m2 - production, 150m2 - warehouse, 100m2 office. The property is industrial sewing, carpentry equipment, equipment for foaming polystyrene, bunkers wear in all positions from 10 to 30%, sublimation printer, heat press, a fleet of vehicles to deliver products.
Current indicators:
-monthly revenue 1 500 000 rubles
-monthly income of 600 000 RUB
-rentals 270 000 RUB
-salary 450 000 RUB
utility payments 20000
-purchase of raw materials 300 000 rubles
receivables-1000 000 RUB
Contracts with key suppliers - exclusive installments conditions, virtually unlimited and absolutely convenient for the company. The company website is for most items in the Top and additionally provides a sale. The company trained and gained a stable staff, excellent delivery and sales. Gained reputation of a reliable supplier and a buyer of raw materials. The product has a marketing advantage in quality and price. Business resistant to any kind of crisis and sanctions.
Development opportunities:
Developed a plan for further development. Agreement for access to the international market. Beside him, the owner is willing to provide any advice regarding activities of the company after its transmission.
The business is being sold, due to an urgent need for cash.