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The planting and harvesting of sugar beet.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 25.12.2014
Seller:Liparteliani Tengiz
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Highly qualified staff of our company will provide high-quality planting on Your fields.
1. Performed the sowing of sugar beet, maize and sunflower Tractors MTZ-82(operator agronomist)+seeders Kleine “Multicorn”.
2. Performed the protection of sugar beet, maize and sunflower Tractors MTZ-82+sprayer.
Harvesting beets.
It should be emphasized that the first advantage of this machine is its high performance with lower maintenance costs per hectare.
Due to the location of the site openers-diggers in front of the machine wheels CORIMA BARGAM IN/6-4x4-S allows to improve the digging and collecting beet especially on wet soil.
The machine is less than the rams ground wheels larger sizes require fewer passes of the machine in the process, and have the opportunity to work with a sloped body and with uneven rows, allowing the machine uniformly cover the whole working area.
Another great advantage of the machine CORIMA BARGAM IN/6-4x4-S is improved beet thanks 4 the centrifuges, to better separate the earth from optimization screw conveyor earth.
Swivel wheel provides greater maneuverability also on small and medium-sized plots of land.
As for cleaning have two combine HOLMERA TERRA DOS.
Loading beet.
Self-propelled machine loader for beet brands Co. Ri. Ma.-Barigelli" model "B / CS-8000 includes the following features:
• -4 driving and driven wheels;
• hydrostatic transmission from the engine in a variable capacitance with pressure compensator, mechanical 2-speed gearbox with a larger reduction for the working speed 0 / 300m / h;
• - the engine of FIAT (Iveco-Aifo) CURSOR 8 F2B 200 KW (272 HP);
• cabin with air conditioning and heating;
• - width foster "table" - 8.00 m;
• - the width of the machine folded (transport) - 3.00 m;
• - the height of the unloading boom - 3.00-5.00 m;
• - the length of the arrow (move the beets from the center of the truck is 7,00-7,50 m;
• rotation arrows unloading 180 °;
• - differential lock on the previous and rear wheels;
• hydraulic disc brakes on the previous wheels;
• all hydraulic agencies work with speed adjustment;
• the speed of the working bodies is regulated by the electro-hydraulic commands from the operator;
• all working bodies of the reception Desk and arrows have reverse movement;
• electronic / automatic height adjustment of the receiving table;
• shipping tape cleaning products (garbage) under the boom;
• - movable balancing ballast;
• system flushing rollers of the receiving table and the arrows;
• - camera rear view;
• - managed telescopic Hiller;
• transport speed of 25 km / h;
• - luminaires for night work;
• centralised lubrication system;
• wheels: 620/75 R26 - 166A8 (1590x625).
Comprehensive repair seeders Kleine “Multicorn”.