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Our organization manufactures in Russia, the apparatus voicegenerating AG-2000

Offer type: salePublished: 24.12.2014
Seller:OOO Hronos
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Address:Russian Federation
Our organization manufactures in Russia, the apparatus voicegenerating AG-2000. Send the device voicegenerating AG-2000 in any city of Russia and handling fees. The apparatus of our production is intended for people who have had throat cancer and surgery to remove the larynx and vocal cords. Our device is reliable and simple in operation and is equipped with the newest technologies. The apparatus voicegenerating our production is equipped with electronic components of leading foreign manufacturers. The device is designed in the two thousandth year, inspired by German machine voicegenerating Servox Digital. The apparatus voicegenerating AG-2000 and apparatus voicegenerating Servox Digital have the same principle of operation. The apparatus voicegenerating AG-2000 you can buy for the price 15700 rubles. By buying apparatus voicegenerating Servox Digital, just think about a possible repair. Apparatus voicegenerating Servox Digital in Russia are not repaired, all units sent for repair in Germany, and this time. The apparatus voicegenerating Servox Digital works on specialized batteries, the apparatus of our production comes with standard penlight batteries type AA, which are sold in any shop. Voice with any device voicegenerating get a manual with metal shade and apparatus voicegenerating Servox Digital is no exception. Can buy the device voicegenerating our production in any city of Russia and handling fees, the price of the apparatus pay for on their mail upon receipt. To order the unit you just need to call and give them your address, your mail while getting paid. Acquiring apparatus voicegenerating from manufacturers, you have the opportunity to contact their local Social Insurance Fund and the compensation of spent funds. When buying the device issued the Declaration of conformity, commodity and cashier's check. Warranty period of operation of the apparatus for three years. You can buy the device voicegenerating in our organization and get an additional warranty. Repair free of charge any device voicegenerating purchased in our organization and have post-warranty period of operation. And this is not a promotion, it is the practice of all years of production of our equipment. Buy the device voicegenerating from the manufacturers, this is an additional guarantee of quality!