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Grinding machine SWaAGL-125 and 50, SIW-3/1B

Offer type: salePublished: 22.12.2014
Seller:Vasil'ev Oleg Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Yaroslavl
The company sells used equipment:
1.SWaAGL-125 - vnutrikletochnyi the machine is used, the number is 14, the year of release - 1984...1987. Complete the condition inspection;
2.SWaAGL-50 - vnutrikletochnyi the machine is used, the number of 6 year - 1979...1981. Complete the condition inspection;
3.SIW-3/1 B - vnutrikletochnyi machine used. Brief technical characteristics: diameter max / min - 63 / 15 mm; the diameter of the holes max / min - 58 / 10 mm; the length of the part max / min - 70 / 8 mm Complete condition, tested.
For more information and pictures on request and on the website
We offer for sale other vnutrikletochnye machines, including CNC: CA, CA, AN, CA, CV, SIP-315, CA, CV, AP, KW, Kikinda A320 - 2SRG, S45-4 Studer, MMF, CHWF.