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The compact has displayed labels Zеbrа LP/TLP 2824

Offer type: salePublished: 22.12.2014
Specialists of the company SAURON talked about one of the best selling models of desktop label printer, 2014. This model was unique printer from Zebra Technologies - Zеbrа LP/TLP 2824.
Desktop printer stands out primarily for its unusual size. The width of the device is only 126 mm, which is a record. This compact size allows you to place the unit almost anywhere. In addition to a unique small size, the printer features and high performance. LP/TLP 2824 has a high print speed of more than 89 mm per second, in addition, the device is able to print no less than 1000 labels per day. According to the experts, specialists SAURON, such indicators are unique. Thus, Zеbrа LP/TLP 2824 simply has no analogues in the modern market equipment.
In addition to high performance, practice shows that the printer is very easy to use. Operation is intuitive, and changing consumables are facilitated by the convenient location of the printhead, which is located on the top cover of the LP/TLP 2824. To purchase the printer at the company Sauron.
Among technical indicators, popular models such as the ability to connect a special interface to drawers cash registers, 512 KB of flash memory, the presence of parallel Cеntrоnics and RS422 serial interface (optional).
Among the interesting options Zеbrа LР/ТLР 2824, experts SAURON also called transparent "window" that allows you to monitor the availability of supplies and time to be replaced. In addition, the device has a movable holders coils, which greatly increases the choice of consumables for printing.