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Technological seam ARMOURJOINT in concrete floors of the building of the customs warehouse.

Offer type: salePublished: 16.12.2014
Seller:Vasil'chuk Denis Valentinovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
In the Gomel region close to major highways constructed warehouse building of the customs terminal. Transport and logistics sector is actively developing in close proximity to major transport links (road and rail).
The intensity of loading or unloading when the clock mode is quite high, so building solutions to ensure the evenness and strength of the concrete floor in the building of a warehouse complex, highly complex requirements. All concrete floors in the building of the customs terminal in the storage area, and loading and unloading zone meet the required tolerances for the evenness of the surface.
When expansion joints in concrete floors warehouse buildings used steel permanent formwork. Its durable and reliable construction has provided not only high quality of construction works, but also durable operation of the concrete floor in the harsh conditions of the existing warehouse.