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Oreganol "Universal"

Offer type: salePublished: 27.08.2021
Seller:Nikolaevich Andrej
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Minimal effort with the robot, the maximum percentage yield of the whole engine! Oreganol easily cope with walnut, filbert(hazelnut), bone apricot and almonds.
Oreganol "Universal" mechanism which is manufactured for processing walnut, filbert(hazelnut), almonds, apricot kernels and other nuts in the home, driven gently push on the lever. Oreganol has a comfortable wooden handle and compact folding mechanism. The tool is used at home, as well as for private purposes in the field of processing of nuts.
Principle of operation: the operator sets the nuts in a special cell that adjusts to any size from 5 mm to 4 cm, then gently presses on the handle, the upper part is lowered compression plate, the compression process getting totally split nut and undamaged core.
The main advantages of oreganol:
the ease and prostota;
do not require pre-calibration of the nut which greatly simplifies the robot;
the maximum yield of whole kernels up to 80%;
the compact size of the device;
a minimum of waste and noise when the robot;
the ability to chop a variety of nuts.
Performance up to 10kg / HR
Length 33 cm, width 14 cm, height 18.
Weight - kg
6 months warranty.