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ready cold asphalt

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2014
Seller:Mihajlovich Kirill
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The company "Road Innovation System" presents to your attention the modern technology patching with cold mix asphalt.
High quality of fixing the defect corresponding to the values of density, strength, flatness and roughness of the main part of the coating;
long service life of the repaired area;
ease of repair works;
ability to work in different weather conditions;
the speed of opening movement of transport on the repaired site;
high economic efficiency.
The area of application of cold mix asphalt:
- patching roads at any time of the year;
- repair and paving of adjacent territories;
- restoration of asphalt concrete pavement along curbs, foundations, around wells, drainage grates, and so on;
- arrangement of blind areas, sinks;
- asphalting of small parcels of territory: the tracks, playgrounds, Parking lots;
- waterproofing layer during construction works, etc.
Mineralogicheskogo mixture for patching roads - "cold asphalt". Cold mineralogicheskaya mix is a ready to use product for repair of asphalt pavements. To work with it in any weather, at temperatures from -15°C to +30°C. the Technology of its application is quite simple. The mixture is placed in the prepared road map, compacted, and traffic on the repaired site offers immediately after the completion of the work.
packing methods the cold asphalt. Bags-25 kg big bags of 1000 kg
Methods of transportation: vans, 20 ft. container, a covered wagon.
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