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Unique scanner from Motorola - Motorola LI4278

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2014
Motorola has recently provided the scanner Motorola LI4278, which is really unique features.
Despite the fact that the model can not be called "hot new product", she really deserves attention. First of all, the scanner LI4278 impressive "range scan" - a device capable of reading bar codes at a distance of more than 76 see Mobility model as the height, when working with the scanner, the operator has the opportunity to be at a distance of 15 meters from the base station, in the absence of the need to connect any cables.
According to experts, SAURON, the device has high performance, demonstrating the ability to scan more than 500 codes with entering data in the internal memory. Among other advantages of the model are also universal compatibility scanner with base stations related models, which greatly saves the budget of the clients. In addition, to one basis it is possible to connect up to 7 devices that minimizes costs and operating costs.
Mоtоrоla LI4278 scans codes of various modifications, such as bar codes on paper and codes displayed on the screen of a smartphone or computer. In addition, SAURON, found that the device enables you to work with bar codes high density - Нight Dеnsity, which are often used for labeling of alcoholic beverages, as well as for production of electronic components. Buy Mоtоrolа LI4278 in Sautron.
In conclusion, I would like to note the high reliability and security apparatus. Motorola LI4278 survive in conditions of high humidity when the temperature drops and dust.