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Ready-made company BLUCONNEX LTD

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2014
Seller:Invest Pros
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Address:Russian Federation
For enterprises not provided
currency control;
regulated by the law
an extensive list of activities,
the license will only need to
trust, insurance and banking
You have the unique
the opportunity to form
the story of your business.
Save time. We have fast
the procedure of purchase
sale. In the short
time, you will become the owner already
ready-made companies, with a full package
documents required for
the full work.
Rest assured our company
completely safe and does not
will harm your business.
Foreign companies bought,
us prior to the acquisition were not
no activity, so
reputation acquired offshore
clean and its future depends only
from you.
Our offshore already have
registered name and fully
streamlined management structure.
This will save you from passing
unnecessary procedures that take
a lot of time.
more options on the website,
the change of activity in a short
Assets: All offshore companies
bought, we are
registered and
not currently conduct any
any activity. Buying
the company we, you
will only receive the benefit.
Market / Competition: High prestige
and political
Quite advantageous mode
of taxation.
The availability
to get a VAT number.
Growth / development: Confidentiality
Private registry
shareholders and Directors.
is available only by
the decision of the court
Taxation Zero
Reporting and audit
Support and training: - company Registration,
including state
Address registration for 1 year
- Full set
constituent documents
- Apostille
- Nominee Director on
1 year
- Nominee shareholder for
1 year
- Power of attorney
on one face (The Power of
Attorney for 1 year
- Printing company
Certificate of shares
- Courier services