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Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2014
Seller:Invest Pros
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Address:Russian Federation
The absolute absence of taxes, the small size of fixed payments, unassuming requirements for accounting and anonymity and privacy is at a high level.
When buying a ready-made ADVENTURE PROJECTS CORPORATION" in our company , you will be able to start a business on the next day after payment. You buy the package solved the organizational aspects and further support:
- Registration of the company, including stamp duty
Address registration for 1 year
- Full set of incorporation documents
- Notarization of documents
- Printing company
Certificate of shares
- Courier services
More options on the website.
The change of activity in the shortest possible time.
Assets: not being at this time
Market / Competition: property Management. Purchase, sale, donation, lease of any property at a high level of privacy of the transaction.
Registration of ships and yachts.
Growth / development: Confidentiality Private register of shareholders and Directors. Information is provided only by a court decision
Taxation Zero
Reporting and audit is Not required
Support and training: re-registration of the company for 10 min
2. the low cost of registration and annual support among offshore
3. the possibility of using the nominee service
4. confidentiality
5. the lack of accounting and auditing
6. full exemption from taxes
7. the absence of a contract with the Russian Federation on the exchange of information